Global Trade Management

Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM) is an automation platform that enables companies to optimize and streamline anywhere-to-anywhere business processes related to cross-border trade.

Global Trade Management

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Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM) enables companies of any size to model their own unique global trade compliance and screening requirements.

Import/export laws are constantly evolving and becoming more stringent thus making trade compliance a moving target and the bullseye only gets harder to hit.  Furthermore, failure to hit that trade compliance  bullseye could result in hefty fines and possibly even prison time.  It is critical for companies to ensure their global trade policies are comprehensive and compliant and that they have a software solution that will enforce those policies efficiently and accurately. 

GTM Available in the Cloud

Accelerated, Scalable, Simplified

Oracle Global Trade Management is now available in the Oracle Cloud! In addition to software, Oracle provides you with the hardware and other infrastructure needed to begin configuring and using the application right away. Oracle also performs the application and infrastructure upgrades, so that you stay current with the latest versions of the software, with no additional upgrade costs. Some key benefits include:

Cloud Benefits

Subscription based model
Dedicated pod/database
No need to add or ramp up IT resources
Stay current on latest release
Faster time to value
Configure vs customize

GTM Benefits

Enforce import/export compliance
Automate trade transaction screening
Reduce risk
Improve supply chain reliability
Reduce order cycle time
Lower total landed cost