OTM Fixed Scope Offering

Our OTM Fixed Scope Offering includes all of the major components required by most shippers and logistics service providers.

OTM Fixed Scope Offering

Propero Consulting

The best TMS in the industry is now available in the cloud and Propero has a packaged solution at a competitive price point that will meet most, if not all, of your needs right out of the box!

We’ve leveraged our many years of expertise to build a packaged solution that meets most of our customer’s transportation requirements and can be deployed in 8 to 10 weeks.

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Scope Details

Accelerated, Scalable, Simplified


Base OTM

Order Management
Rate/Contract Management
Shipment Execution
Track and Trace
Workflow automation

Operational Planning

Bulk Planning and Optimization
Container Optimization
Buy/Sell Shipment Planning
Full TL and LTL Workflows

Freight Payment and Billing

Carrier Invoicing and Customer Billing
Match and Pay Workflows
Auto-approval and Exception Workflows
Cost Allocation

Transportation Intelligence

Hundreds of standard reports, dashboards and KPI’s
Ad hoc reports

Other Features

Integration Packages
Packaged Carrier Connectivity
Multi-currency Support
Preconfigured, easy to use UI’s

Ideal For These Industry Verticals

Consumer Packaged Goods
Logistics Service Providers
Food and Beverage