About Us

Propero Consulting is a full-service consulting firm specializing in the design, implementation, and support of Oracle supply chain solutions.

Our Mission & Values

Propero Consulting

Our mission is to deliver tangible value to our clients through best-in-breed supply chain solutions and best-in-class service.

Whether you are a shipper or logistics service provider, a seamlessly integrated supply chain is critical to stay ahead of the competition and in some cases, just to keep up with the competition. Technology has evolved to a point where the industry’s leading supply chain solutions can deliver value and ROI for companies large and small. Technology is only half of the equation though. You need a trusted advisor with deep domain expertise that can lead you through the process of designing and implementing a solution that can unlock that value. That is where Propero comes in. In the Latin dictionary, the definition of Propero is “to hasten or accelerate” and our goal is to help clients quickly achieve supply chain excellence through best of breed supply chain solutions.

Our Process

Propero Consulting

The Propero Consulting Process is adaptable to supplying solutions for both large-scale and discrete projects. Our normal methodology is a measured and careful progression through five major stages:



During this phase, the project is planned and the processes governing the conduct of the project defined. A Kickoff Meeting is then held to orient the entire project team to the project objectives and how the project will be conducted. Workshops are scheduled and conducted to gather setup information (Functional Design) and define technical details for integrations and data loads (Technical Design)



The configuration settings documented in the Functional Design are implemented in the non-production environment. Workshops are then conducted with customer personnel to demonstrate the standard functionality and validate that the system behavior is as expected and meets the customer’s business needs. Customer data is also prepared, loaded and verified during this phase, and integrations, extensions and extensible items built and tested.



The Validate phase is focused on preparing for and conducting an End-to-End Review of the new SaaS system, including standard functionality, data loads and integrations. Activities during the Validate phase include the entry of any configuration changes in the non-production environment and the validation of those values. If necessary, business processes and test cases are updated to reflect the resulting state of the environment and sample customer data is loaded in preparation for an End-to-End Review.



The Transition phase focuses on moving the new software system and the organization to production use. The validated configuration is migrated to the production environment, the customer data is loaded, and a final review is conducted with users and stakeholders to help ensure that the new environment is ready for use. A production and operational readiness assessment is made as a final checkpoint and the Transition phase concludes with the new system being placed in production use.



The Realization phase begins active use of the system and, during the phase, the transition to steady-state operations is managed. This phase also includes any post-production support called for in the contract, the obtaining of the final acceptance of the system, and the closing out of the project and related processes.

Our approach is built on five main principles derived from the Cloud Application Services Oracle Unified Method (CAS UOM) and our experience with agile implementation methodologies.

Iterative and Incremental
Business Process and Use Case-Driven
Flexible and Scalable

At Propero, we pride ourselves on delivering projects on time and on budget and our methodology produces tighter scope control, more accurate business understanding, and a firm foundation to align with customer expectations. These principals that we put into practice with all of our customers helps us adapt to projects of all shapes and sizes, save time, produce higher quality solutions, and reduce cost as well as risk. The results speak for themselves and can be attested to by any of our satisfied clients.

Our Partners

Propero Consulting

As a Gold Partner, Propero Consulting has demonstrated a strong commitment to Oracle. With our continuing specializations, this partnership offers Propero customers the assurance of a solid and dynamic relationship with Oracle and the solutions they develop.

In addition to our partnership with Oracle, Propero has partnered with other vendors to provide value-add services to our solutions. Whether you’re looking for track and trace visibility, plug and play integration, global trade content, hosting, or external rating engines, we have the strategic partnership in place to augment our supply chain solutions and provide a holistic approach.