Choosing the right software is only the first step on the long road of a strategic supply chain initiative. Choosing a partner who will guide you every step of the way can be the difference between success and failure.

Full Life Cycle


Whether you planning a standalone implementation or embarking on a multi-phased supply chain initiative, choosing a partner who will guide you every step of the way is critical for success. Propero will help you design and implement a complete solution combining industry best practices with your unique business requirements.

Leading clients through implementations large and small, simple to complex, is at the core of our business.  Propero has developed proprietary implementation accelerators to significantly reduce implementation time to as low as 10 to 12 weeks in some cases.  Other implementations are far more complex, often involve multiple business units, and require much more planning and design.  In these situations we recommend starting off with a blueprint design project to carefully build a detailed roadmap with timing, resource allocation, and costs completely vetted before the project begins.

Supply Chain

Strategic Services

As business needs change, companies often find themselves at a crossroads not knowing which direction to move forward. New developments, acquisitions, new software needs, upgrades and other changes may have widespread ramifications.

Propero can help examine your current environment, lead discovery discussions, and review documentation to assess your needs and make strategic recommendations. In addition, Propero can provide the additional consulting or other services to implement those recommendations.



Managing an environment of constant change and many moving parts can be a challenge for any organization and that’s where Propero Remediation Services can help. Whether it’s Tier 1 or Tier 2 help desk support or application enhancements, Propero can provide the support you need to mitigate risk and keep your business running at peak performance. Some features of our Remediation Services are:

Help Desk Support

Let Propero be your Tier 1 or Tier 2 help desk support arm. Whether you need support for OTM, GTM, or WMS – Propero has the resources and infrastructure in place to help you manage your daily issues in a cost effective and timely manner.

Application Enhancement

We’ve all been through an implementation where critical needs get pushed to the front of the line and other requirements get put on the “wish list” or “parking lot.” Propero can turn those wish list items into a reality. We offer a wide range of application enhancement services that include anything from implementing a discrete component of standard functionality to custom application development that is sustainable and upgradeable.

Flexible Billing Options

Whether you are looking for a fixed fee retainer contract, straight time and materials, or a bucket of hours, Propero can work with you to build a support model that fits your needs.

Application Hosting

& Managed Services

Propero consultants are cloud specialists but the cloud isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Whether you need hosting, co-location, or any form of managed services, Propero can provide a highly scalable, redundant, and secure hosting solution that enables business growth and your future success. Some of the associated services available include:

Hosting Services
Co-location Services
Application Managed Services
Infrastructure Managed Services

Oracle Value Chain

Execution Health Checks

An important part of maintaining excellent health is regular check-ups. Propero has a proven methodology to help you evaluate how well your OTM, GTM or WMS system is performing and create an action plan for any identified improvements.

A Health Check includes:

Interviews with key users and stakeholders to understand the current process and pain points
Consolidation, documentation and prioritization of current issues.
Speedy resolution to “low-hanging fruit” issues.
Short, mid- and long-term recommendations for addressing functional, technical, performance and training needs.


Training and Education

Bringing new team members up to speed or helping current team members move to a higher level of expertise is a critical factor for continuous operational improvement.  In addition, as new upgrades and releases to current software systems become available with new functionality, your team may need help learning how to use the new bells and whistles

Propero can assist with informal, on-the-job training as well as more formalized classes on site. In short, we partner with you to pinpoint the needs as well as the optimal resources for education and training to keep your team members at the top of the learning curve.